I am a photographer based in Northern VA, specializing in Interiors, Brands, and capturing the love of a family in images. Having earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and being a photographer for over 11 years, I’ve been able to blend my love for capturing a feeling through an image with my love for spaces, people, and stories. Whether it’s the feeling of being inside a beautifully designed place, the feeling of a brand’s story and how it draws people in, or the feeling of a 3 year old’s tiny arms wrapped around their parent and the impossible joy felt at hearing their sweet giggle, my heart connects with each one of these and translates it into imagery that evokes emotion. I believe in telling a story, beautiful light, gratitude, and always seeing the beauty in life and in others. 

Kind Words

Kind Words

“Ooooomygoodness the images are amazing! You captured the light so beautifully, and I couldn't be happier with everything! Thank you so much!”

—Alison Giese, Designer



Having a Master's Degree and background in Interior Design, I love working with Designers, Architects, Builders, and those in the industry to capture projects in a way that makes their vision sing. With a style that is warm, inviting, and true to life, I tell the story of a space that invites the viewer in and gives them a sense of place. I love highlighting the tiniest of details, showcasing the thoughtfulness and originality, and evoking the feeling and essence of a place. I achieve this through a highly detailed eye, interesting use of light, storytelling, top-notch collaboration and communication skills on set, and a team-player mentality. I work to understand the goals of the imagery and ensure a comprehensive gallery is delivered that maximizes usage for print, portfolio, social media, and the like. Styling is always discussed before the photoshoot, and I also work with some of the top photo and interiors stylists in the area. I shoot tethered, always ensuring the vision that is to be conveyed in the space and image is translating well through the lens, and I ensure we are discussing, collaborating, and achieving our goals during the shoot. Post photoshoot, the images are edited to the finest detail, including removal of all distracting and unnecessary elements and are delivered 'magazine ready'. I value building a lasting relationship with my clients and want to serve as a true partner to your business, and I bring a positive, warm, enthusiastic, flexible and professional presence to every project.

Clients Include:

Ann Gottlieb Design

Bungalow 10 Design

Case Architects & Remodelers

Convene Architecture

Dara Beitler Interiors

District Loom



InSite Builders & Remodelers

Interior Define

Interiors by LH

Jefferson Street Design

Laura Fox Interior Design

Liz Potarazu Interiors

Manlove & Company

Margaret Carroll Interiors

Penno Interiors

Penny Post


Powell Brower

Red Barn

Regan Billingsley Interiors

Samantha Friedman Interiors

Sanabria & Co


Winn Design + Build

The ANRP Difference


  • Masters Degree in Interior Design
  • With a background in portraiture, Angela has the ability to capture both Interiors and Behind the Brand images/headshots on projects, maximizing content for publication, portfolio, marketing, and social media.
  • Leverage experienced PR relationships to help with project publication after the shoot.
  • Understands that lighting is EVERYTHING and creates a mood with it to elicit an emotional response to an image, draw a reader in, and tell the story of the space.
  • Capture overall room shots, vignettes, and tighter detail shots, giving you the utmost variety in final gallery.
  • With over 10 years of photography experience, she has a refined and detailed eye.
  • Brings a calming presence to the shoot. Angela is encouraging, professional, and there to make it easy for you! She wants your experience to be fun, collaborative, inspiring, and stress free!

Brand & Editorial

Let's tell your brand story and translate it into sales! Through understanding your brand, target client, campaign message, and goals a cohesive story is crafted that results in unique, profitable brand imagery. I especially love working with small businesses and makers, and creating imagery that allows potential clients to connect with their message, mission, and story. I work to understand what makes you unique and how to translate that into imagery. I want you to feel understood, empowered, and to turn your message into beautiful imagery that brings your brand to life.



natural light, texture, layered elements, pieces with meaning collected throughout life and travel, clean lines, unique art, timelessness, interesting finishes, originality, a connection to nature, not conforming to trends, comfort in design

Families & Couples

joy, honesty, love, vulnerability, movement, laughter, emotion, realness, imperfection

Brands & Editorials

passion, heart, story, purpose, mission, uniqueness, honesty, individuality, commitment

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